NervePro Medical Corp is committed to providing you the best medical care. To help achieve this goal, you must have a clear understanding of our financial policies to prevent any misunderstanding. As a patient entering our practice, we will require identifying information including a current Driver’s license or State ID Card and insurance ID cards.

Payment Methods: NervePro accepts Cash, Checks, Visa, Master Card, and Apple Pay

Uninsured, out-of-Network or Self Pay Patients: Payment is due in full at the time of visit.

HMO (Greater Newport) appointments can only be made when authorized; we are notified by Greater Newport what your copayment requirements are and they must be made at time of visit.

For other HMO and EPO patients, you are responsible for obtaining authorization and approval for treatment with your medical group or primary care providers.

Medicare and Secondary: we will bill you the remainder after the primary and secondary payments are made.

Co-Pays & Deductibles: all copays and unmet deductibles are due at the time of service. A $15 administration fee will be added to cover cost of billing and collections for any fee not paid at the time of service.

Insurance Billing: It is your responsibility to know your benefits and how they will apply to your treatment by the doctor. We contract with Advanced Billing Consultants, at:

30021 Tomas, Suite 250
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
(949) 713-3998

With them, we follow insurance contract guidelines for billing and collections. Please verify that Dr Cleeremans is a preferred provider with your insurance plan prior to receiving services.

Covered California: We are not providers for Covered California. This plan as well as MediCal have very low reimbursement and are designed for high volume practices with limited time with the physician. Our practice model does not allow us to see patients with these plans and remain economically viable.